A Flexible Chest – Back, Shoulder and Leg Comfort the Easy Way

When: Saturday, September 29, 2018 | 10 am - 1 pm

  14682 Puma Trail, Valley Center, CA 92082

Cost: $65

Flexibility isn’t about how far you can stretch! Would you like to feel more power in your reach and stride? Are you ready to learn some easy tricks to sooth your achy back? Come learn about the amazing flexibility that is possible in your torso, and how that flexibility can support easy function. This approach can be life-changing, especially for those who are “too flexible.” Often people who are hyper-flexible compensate by tightening in their chest. A tight chest can also be the result of anxiety, injury, or trauma. The good new is: the organization of your chest can be improved!

Mats and props are provided. Snacks will be served at the break. Get in touch if you’ve never been to the studio before, so I can send directions. Save your space by sending a check for $65 to A. Noone, 14680 Puma Trl., Valley Center, CA 92082.