Improving Your Pelvic Floor, the Feldenkrais® Way

When: February 10, 2018 | 11:15 am - 2:15 pm


A Noone Feldenkrais Studio, 14682 Puma Trail, Valley Center

Cost: $65

Do you have a clear sense of how your pelvic floor supports you? Are you taking full advantage of the function that a well-organized pelvic floor can provide? Are you one of those who hears “pelvic floor” and is immediately filled with dread, related to some exercise you were supposed to do, or did, but hated doing? (There will be no Kegel exercises in this workshop!)

There is no area of the body more essential to health, comfort, and safety than the pelvic floor. Many people think of sexual function, childbirth, or incontinence when they think of the pelvic floor, but there is much more to this area. An improved pelvic floor contributes to balance, back comfort, foot health, and a strong, easy gait. Come join us for a three hour exploration and find out what improving your pelvic floor function will do for you. This workshop will review material from prior pelvic floor workshops & introduce new material.

Wear clothes that you can move in. Mats will be provided, and you are welcome to bring whatever keeps you comfortable on the floor, such as your own mat, a blanket or towel. If you need something under your head, please bring some folded hand towels, rather than a pillow. If you cannot comfortably get to the floor, please call or email at least one week in advance so that arrangements can be made to keep you comfortable. A snack will be provided at the long break.

Please sign up by sending a check payable to A. Noone to 14680 Puma Trl., Valley Center, CA 92082. Space is limited.