Happy, Functional Hips Workshop

One participant in this workshop told me, “I want happy, functional hips, but a three hour workshop seems long!” Lucky you, here are the lessons we did at the Happy, Functional Hips Workshop on April 16, 2016 – without anything extra!

There are lessons in all positions – on the back, standing, sitting and on the side. Whether you already have happy hips or are having discomfort, these lessons will give you tools to learn about how to move with ease. If you are new to Feldenkrais, sign up for my newsletter and receive free “Tips on How to Do Feldenkrais.” Anyone can do this work, but it takes a little while to learn to work small and easy.

You’ll want a mat or blanket, to keep yourself comfortable on the floor, a chair, preferably with a flat seat (like a desk chair), and some hand towels or other firm prop for your head.