Science Knows A Little More About What You Should Eat

Do you read studies on diet and throw your hands in the air, feeling that science can’t make up its mind? There’s some fascinating research going on, but it’s probably never goiicecreamng to produce the kind of guidance we’d like to have as individuals. First of all, we are all different. Second, money tends not to flow into this area because it’s hard to make money doing research on diet. If you had a million dollars to spend to research diet, what’s the chance you could discover something that would make money on your investment? Slim or none?

Still, there are helpful discoveries. An interesting study on diet looked at the balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in mice. The mice were fed high fat, high carbohydrate, or high protein diets and then assessed for amount of body fat, longevity, and cardiometabolic health. The winner? High carbohydrates. (Sorry, Paleo Diet fans.) Rats lived longer and had better cardiometabolic health when they ate more carbs, but they had more body fat. Maybe you’d rather live a shorter and less healthy life with a leaner body? Then go with a high protein diet. The worst outcomes of all came with the high fat diet.

Yes, I know it was a study on mice. But, again, you aren’t going to see clinical trials with humans because it’s just too expensive and the return on investment too speculative.

So eat wholesome, unprocessed food, the kinds of food your great grandmother ate. Don’t eat too much. And eat mostly plants.

Enjoy what you eat, and enjoy what you read, but any research about diet with a grain of salt.


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