Improved Pelvic Floor Organization, the Feldenkrais® Way

When: Saturday, June 24, 2023 | 10:00 am - 1 pm


The Tree House, 142B Grape St., Escondido, CA

Cost: $65

Ankle pain? Gait problems? Urinary tract dysfunction? Back or hip discomfort? You may be surprised to find that better pelvic floor function improves all of these issues. Or maybe you aren’t surprised. It’s clear that the pelvic floor is literally the foundation of our sitting and a significant source of strength for any standing activity.

Have you spent time strengthening your “core” by doing lower back and abdominal exercises? Now is a good time to integrate the foundational strength of your pelvic floor with these other large muscle groups. After all, if you ask the back and abs to do the work of the pelvic floor, you are courting dysfunction in a number of ways.

We won’t be doing any Kegel exercises in this workshop. None, nada, zero. In fact, you may find that your biggest learning in this workshop is that you never completely relax your pelvic floor. Muscles need to be able to contract AND relax. One without the other is problematic.

I’m fortunate to be able to offer this workshop live, at the Tree House in Escondido. This beautiful and intimate space is just right for this workshop, but space is limited, so sign up to save your place. Please bring a mat or blanket to lie on, and whatever else keeps you comfy.

  • Price: $65.00
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