How Can the Feldenkrais Method Benefit You?

Natural Pain Relief
Isn’t it time you took advantage of the discoveries of modern neuroscience to learn how to move in a way that reduces pain? The vast majority of people who find the Feldenkrais Method are looking for a way to move out of pain. Many conditions that cause pain – backache, TMJ, frozen shoulder, fibromyalia, arthritis, RSI, sciatica, and others – can linger for years without any treatment providing relief. You can learn how to reduce muscular tension and move in an efficient, comfortable way – the way you were meant to move.

Would you like to have better balance?
Recent studies indicate that balance can be improved through use of the Feldenkrais Method. It makes sense – when you learn to move well, when your muscles are less tense, you can experiment with new patterns of movement and your nervous system can recapture balance.

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?
Mental and muscular tension interfere with sleep. Developing habits of relaxation, through coordinated movement of breath and muscles can help any one get to sleep faster and get back to sleep easier. You don’t have to take drugs to get a good night’s sleep – you were meant to rest well and sleep well every night and you can regain that natural ability.

Would you like to improve your mood?
When you are a well-organized human being – breathing well, sleeping well, and moving well – the stage is set for emotional flexibility. You can learn to regulate your moods and feel like you have more control in your life.

Is enhancing performance your priority?
Whether you are an athlete or a performing artist, you know that adjustments to movement patterns make all the difference. Movement that feels easy and functional can be learned by tapping into the wisdom of your nervous system. Athletes, actors, and musicians of every sort have benefitted from finding optimal function in their movements – you can, too!