My goal is to make Feldenkrais Method lessons and sessions available to everyone who is interested. I have designed my pricing to make my services affordable and to encourage people to experience both halves of the Feldenkrais Method: group classes and individual lessons. For most people, frequent group classes, with a monthly (or as needed) individual session, and the occasional workshop creates a rich learning atmosphere and consistent improvement. Of course, there are exceptions at both ends of the spectrum – some people only do individual sessions and some only do classes.

I provide low-cost lessons, free samples, and other offerings to fit individuals’ particular situations. I am a member of the North County San Diego Time Bank and occasionally provide services through their exchange system. If you are enthusiastic about the work, but cannot afford my fees, let’s talk. I can’t accommodate every request, but I always have at least one client who I am working with in an alternative set-up.

Take a look at the list below and let me know if you have any questions.  Or you can schedule an appointment online.

Individual Lessons (more info)
Group Lessons (more info)
Most series are about $15/class, or less, payable in advance.
Workshops (more info)
$60 - $70 for 3 hour workshop, depending on venue