Over the years students have asked for recordings of classes, workshops, and simple movement lessons that I have taught. I’m happy to make these audio files available. If you have been to my classes and want to work at home, here are MP3 files of movement lessons you can use. These recordings will play on any device, but please download them within a week of purchase; they do expire. Sign up for our email newsletter to get a free article on how to get the most out of movement lessons. And remember, never do anything that causes or increases discomfort during the session and never go to the end of your range of movement.

A word about classes vs. recordings (if you are a movement lesson veteran, you can skip this part.) In my opinion and in my experience, live classes are a far better investment than recordings. There is something unique and effective about the dynamic of a live class (or individual lesson). Maybe it is as simple as the fact that we are social animals, wired to do better with others nearby. Whatever the reason, if you can get to a live class or workshop, you’ll enjoy your time in a different way than when you listen to a recording.

We all have times, though, when getting to class isn’t convenient, or we find ourselves with a pain issue that wants attention now. For those times, a recording can be a life preserver, softly tossed onto the choppy seas of life. I listen to recordings often. And, yes, I listen to myself sometimes. Having the structure of the lesson laid out by a disembodied voice is a lovely thing.