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The Feldenkrais Method has two halves: the group work, done in classes, and individual sessions. The group work allows you to “do it yourself” – experiment with different ways of moving. We have transcripts of more than 1000 lessons that Dr. Feldenkrais taught. Most of the transcripts are available only to teachers who have been through the four-year Feldenkrais training, but a few are available to the public.

The lessons all have an internal logic and take the student on an exploration, often from very simple movements, to very complex, and back again. The lessons include movements in every position humanly possible, but most of them are done lying on the floor. Because there are so many different lessons to choose from, it is easy for an experienced teacher to begin each class with all students in a position of safety and comfort.

In each series of Feldenkrais classes that you attend, each class will present a different lesson. No matter how often you attend classes, you will find new and fascinating movement sequences to experiment with. Anyone can participate in the classes and experience improvement each time. There is no exercise or stretching. If you can’t do a movement comfortably, you can change it or imagine it. Most people are astonished that something so minimal is so effective.

Both group lessons and individual sessions are important and integral parts of the work. My vision is to make both Feldenkrais classes and individual sessions available to the broadest possible range of people.

There are few Feldenkrais teachers who offer classes on a regular basis; many teachers do not teach classes at all. I offer classes online and in Valley Center. Most of the classes are offered in 5 or 6 week series, meeting once each week. Each class is different and a number of students attend more than once a week.