Comfort for Computer-Weary Eyes

If you use reading glasses or spend a lot of time looking at a screen or book, these are excellent movements for you to experiment with. Our eyes are meant to move – looking far away at the horizon, up close at an insect or seed, and in the mid-distance, at the meal we are preparing or the person we are talking to. Unfortunately, most of modern life seems to be about 18″ away and that can leave our eyes unhappy.

This 21-minute sequence will give your eyes a deep rest that reverberates throughout your whole system, leaving you refreshed. As always, do very little – as you know, it is easy to overdo. This is an excellent series of movements to simply imagine. Try doing the movements once a day for four days, alternating so that one day you do the movements slowly and delicately, and the next day you imagine the movements, without any intentional movement.

This sequence was recorded live and there is some discussion at the very beginning of the recording.