Get Your Back Back Workshop

The Get Your Back Back Workshop was offered in June 2016 in Encinitas. There are three short movement sequences (two are done standing, one on the belly), one 30-minute guided movement piece, and two full length Awareness Through Movement lessons. One of the lessons, Classic Coordination, is a bonus version, about twice as long as the version taught at the workshop.

These lessons are safe to do, even if you are currently having back pain, as long as you observe these rules: don’t do anything that hurts (do the movement smaller, or imagine the movements), and do less than you can. Several participants at the Back Back Workshop had active back pain issues before the workshop; after the workshop they reported improved comfort.

You’ll need a blanket to do the Magic Roller lesson. Please try to find a wool blanket – they are the best! If you can’t find a wool blanket, use a cotton blanket, or a few beach towels rolled together, if you can’t find anything else. The roller you are going to make doesn’t need to be thick – not more than 12 cm/4.5 inches in diameter; half as thick to start is fine. You want the roller to have the sort of give and texture that a wool blanket would have.

Take your time with these lessons. There’s lots here and you can do a little section that is interesting to you and then take a rest. The learning continues, even when your attention is elsewhere.