Jaw Comfort Workshop

The Jaw Comfort Workshop was offered on February 21, 2015 in Encinitas, CA. The lessons presented were not only about jaw comfort, but also illustrated the connections between the jaw, shoulders, neck, and so on.

We move our jaws thousands of times a day – it is the most frequently used joint in the body. Yet we rarely notice our jaws unless there is discomfort or pain. When do your movement patterns dictate that your jaw will clench or tighten? When you trip? When you make a fist? When your posture changes and your head is less well supported by your torso? Many of the people at the workshop shared that they clench their teeth together while they sleep. How can we find new patterns that will bring our jaws comfort?

Enhanced awareness of our jaws, and the physical and emotional connections with our jaws, is the beginning of new and improved movement patterns. The lessons offered here will give you experiences of your jaw that are novel and interesting. As you work through the lessons, pause whenever you want to and don’t ever continue with a lesson if you can’t pay attention. Better to do a little of a lesson with full attention than to do a lot absent-mindedly or while distracted.

These are lessons that you can profitably do again and again. If you find that there is a portion of a lesson that fascinated you, re-doing that snippet is also a good idea. Often the parts of lessons that are most interesting to us can help us the most.