Mobility and Comfort for Your Knees

This workshop was held on June 21, 2014, at the Solana Beach Studio. Whether you currently are having knee issues, have had them in the past, or just want to avoid problems in the future, this workshop can be valuable for you. The movement lessons address the whole range of leg and mobility function. This is a very popular workshop for people with hip issues, too.

Six files guide you through full-length Awareness Through Movement lessons and shorter self-help movements. Bonus item: a full length version of the final lesson, Sliding Arm and Leg on Side, which was offered in abbreviated version at the workshop.

Here are the titles of the lessons:

Movements of the Legs, on the Side (recorded June 26, 2014)

Bending Knees Behind a Chair (have a chair available, preferably with a back that is about hip high)

Foot on Wall – Finding Skeletal Connection (this segment is done lying on your back, with your buttocks close enough to the wall that you can bend your knee and put your foot on the wall)

Retraining One Knee, Using the Other (done standing; have a chair or wall nearby for balance)

Bypassing the Knee (done seated on a chair)

Sliding Arm and Leg, on the Side