Neck Relief Package

Is your neck stiff? Would you like to be able to look over your shoulder and back up your car with ease? Or maybe you have constant discomfort in your upper spine/neck are. Our amazing necks – capable of such a huge range of movement – are, skeletally, part of our spine. And thinking about the function of the neck along with the rest of your spine opens possibilities for organization and integration.

This package has go-to lessons for getting higher quality, comfortable movement in your neck. It includes:

  • On Side, Turning with a Straight Arm in An Arc
  • Self Care for the Neck
  • Sliding Arm and Leg on the Side
  • Jaw, Head, Pelvis
  • Pushing Through

Everyone is different and starts in a different place. Don’t feel like you have to do the lessons straight through, one after the other. Respect your preferences and do what feels comfortable. And remember, if the movement isn’t comfortable, do less or imagine the movement. Always put your comfort first.