Neck Pain Relief – Self Care for Your Neck

This is an easy guided-movement sequence, done while sitting, to provide neck pain relief. You’ll find that doing the movements mindfully can reduce discomfort and tension in your neck with very little effort. Research has confirmed that Feldenkrais work is effective for managing neck pain, even if the pain is chronic.

The movement sequence uses a simple technique to change the way you use your neck muscles, and thus changes your movement pattern. Even though your current movement pattern was the best you could come up with when it was formed, now you can learn to use yourself better!

This sequence is easiest to do if you can take your hand to the opposite shoulder without pain. If you can’t do that, remember that you can just do one side, or do one side and imagine the other side. As always, take your time and don’t do any movements that feel uncomfortable or painful.

After you’ve done this lesson a few times, you may find the technique helps you with other pain issues. Feel free to experiment!