Simple Pelvic Clock

For many of us, the pelvic clock lessons are a rich and continuing source of discovery. This lesson is a variation that moves rather quickly through a number of situations and is done entirely while lying on the back. The length of the lesson is only a touch over 40 minutes, but of course, feel free to pause or stop the recording to spend more time with positions or movements that intrigue you. If you have done the pelvic clock lesson where each number on the clock is explored, you will find this version different and challenging.

In Awareness Through Movement, Feldenkrais writes about a similar lesson: “…[Y]ou will identify superfluous and unconscious efforts by the muscles of the pelvis and learn to refine control over the position of the pelvis and improve the alignment of the spine.” But who knows what you will find; maybe there’s nothing simple about a pelvic clock!