Foot Pain? What Do Your Feet Want?

Do you have foot pain? What do your feet want and need to be more comfortable?

You can do these lessons in any order; they are designed to help you feel the variety of positions and movements possible for your feet and to help you integrate your feet into your whole self. When your hips, knees, and ankles are working together, your feet are more comfortable and functional.

For the first lesson, you’ll need a foam roller approximately 3″ in diameter. If you don’t have a foam roller, a rolling pin, pool “noodle,” or empty wine bottle will work. The second lesson begins on the back, but is mostly done lying on your belly, so be sure to have whatever you need to stay comfortable. A hand towel or small pillow is often useful. During the fourth lesson you will be standing next to a chair, and during the last lesson you’ll be sitting on a chair. An old fashion desk chair, with a flat hard seat is best; a stool will also work.

Lessons recorded live at a workshop on April 19, 2014.