Oh my gosh, Anita, what a wonderful workshop yesterday! As usual, I was hesitant that a number of things might hurt me, so I worked fairly small. But wow, what a huge difference! I felt so great all yesterday afternoon and evening! I am very excited about this! …Thank you so much for everything. I look forward to next time! 

And wasn’t that fun, the spontaneous chain of stories about how Feldenkrais had helped people over the summer? First one said she had been hurt, but she did the Feldenkrais movement on your back where one arm goes up and the opposite leg goes down, and her pain stopped! Then someone else said when her hip hurts, she does the Feldenkrais move on your side, where you keep your knees together and lift your top ankle gently, and the pain goes away! And then someone else responded that they did that same move, and it helped them breathe much better! So interesting how the movement sequences help different people in different ways. In any case, we are all very happy to get back to Feldenkrais and to learn some new options for movement.

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