Back Rescue Package 1

The Feldenkrais Method is often a last resort for people with back pain. People who want to avoid surgery, or who are tired of medications and injections, find Feldenkrais and figure – why not? There’s a real appeal when people hear, “Nothing we do will ever increase pain or hurt you.”

I have worked successfully with people who have every type of back pain – lower back, sciatica, upper and middle back. There’s so much you can do to support and maintain back health, if you are willing to do less and pay attention.

So here’s a “starter pack” of lessons so you can learn how to reduce or eliminate your back pain. These are my “go to” lessons for people with back pain. Of course, they are also great for fending off back pain in the future.

You get four full-length lessons, plus one short movement sequence, and they are guaranteed. If any of the lessons don’t suit you, get in touch. I’m happy to discuss your situation and experience.  Together we’ll come up with a substitute lesson.

This package includes:

  • Hip and Shoulder Circles
  • Ease Your Sciatica On All Fours
  • A Clock in Front of the Face
  • Basic Flexion and Extension
  • Tilting Knee, Enhancing Flexibility

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