Your Brain Wants a Good Night’s Sleep

Not that you need a researcher to tell you, but science is spending a lot of time looking at how much better we do with a the right quality and quantity of sleep. You don’t perform as well on cognitive tests when sleep-deprived and a scary new study presents evidence that your brain ages more quickly without enough sleep.

And then there’s the fact that you feel and look awful when you are tired.

I always ask people I work with about their sleep. Most people don’t think to volunteer that they are having sleep difficulties; they accept it and assume nothing can be done about it. About 30% of adults report that they get 6 hours of sleep, or less, on an average night.

But sleep is a human function like any other and it can be improved. For years I have used and taught sleep improvement using the Feldenkrais Method. It’s simple, effective, and you don’t have to take Ambien. You do have to commit some time to establishing new sleep patterns. But if the time invested will get you a good night’s sleep and a younger brain, seems like a good way to spend some time.

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