Direct Brain Recording

BRAIN-master675Science continues to investigate the mysteries of the brain.

This article gives a nice explanation of a new approach, Direct Brain Recording. DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) is funding another $40 million in research using the method, after committing $50 million to it this past spring.

More than a quarter of a million veterans (maybe many, many more) have Traumatic Brain Injury. And similar, and other, brain injuries occur across our population. Finding ways to address memory loss, mood swings, seizures and other problems seems tantalizingly close.  But, said one researcher in the article, “We have to keep reminding ourselves that no, we are not speaking the brain’s secret language, we’re doing some very crude stimulating….When working with the brain, you have to keep slapping yourself in the face as a reality check; we still understand so little.”

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