Five Good Reasons To Do Feldenkrais

triangle arms

1. You work too hard. 
You are hard-wired to learn, and most things you do, you could learn to do more easily. With Feldenkrais, you’ll learn strategies to reduce the effort you use – and you’ll practice doing things more easily.
2. You have pain.
The vast majority of pain conditions are made worse by thoughtless movements and the anxiety caused by expecting pain. Exploring comfortable movement in a safe environment will help you to learn to control your pain.
3. You want insurance against future pain and dysfunction.
Look around. Do you see people struggling to get out of a chair? Complaining about not being able to hike, or sleep, or concentrate? Most people reluctantly accept the idea the aging must rob us of function. But Feldenkrais can give you the tools to learn to improve your function at any age. Your ability to learn continues as long as you are alive – you just need to use it.
4. You hurry too much. 
Modern life doesn’t encourage the rest, rejuvenation, and vitality that we crave. Each Feldenkrais session provides all three.
5. You’d like to improve your performance, or you don’t have anything in your life that you are interested in enough to care about performance.
External rewards guide us deeper and deeper into a place of uniformity and specialization. Feldenkrais revives your child-like sense of experimentation and curiosity. You can learn to use powerful tools you already have to improve and broaden your options.

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