Spending for Play, Spending for Feldenkrais

adults playingOn the front page of the Business Section today there is an article called, “Think Seriously About Spending for Play;” it might as well be called, “The Wisdom of Spending for Feldenkrais.” The author examines what kind of leisure time expenses people have, and how that spending impacts people’s lives. His conclusion? Look for leisure time activities that allow or encourage play because you will be happier and spend less money.

According to the author, you are looking for “a voluntary activity that can take us out of time or at least keep us from tracking it carefully. It is spontaneous and allows for improvisation….Done well, it is a pause that refreshes and helps us innovate.” If you’ve been to a Feldenkrais class, you see why this article caught my fancy. According to smart financial advisors, we should be spending for play, spending for Feldenkrais.

Because I work with so many people who have pain issues, my focus can drift from the “play” element of what I offer. And personally, I am usually more focused on the refreshment and creativity of the work. But I’ve had many clients come to class because they love losing track of time…while becoming refreshed…and getting rid of pain issues.

Five new class series start this month in North San Diego County. If you are looking for a reason to sign up, maybe take a look at the article and see if your spending for play might not be spending for Feldenkrais.

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