What will I do at an Awareness Through Movement lesson?

Moshe Feldenkrais created hundreds of Awareness Through Movement lessons. Some lessons involve large movements of the arms and legs; some focus on a single, small movement, varied slightly over the course of the lesson. Each lesson is designed to improve a function, such as walking, breathing, speaking, or turning.

The lessons are led by an instructor who describes a series of movements to be considered by the student. Sometimes the student performs the movement as described, sometimes less is done, sometimes the movement is simply imagined by the student. The movements are often extremely easy to do, but many of them are quite unusual. During the lesson, students attend to what they are experiencing, how they move, and how they feel. Usually students choose to close their eyes during the lesson, as most people find it is easier to pay attention to their movement and sensation with the eyes closed. The instructor is usually the only one who speaks during the lesson. During the lesson there are frequent rests, when students lie or sit comfortably.

Anyone can participate in, enjoy, and learn from an Awareness Through Movement lesson – young, old, disabled, those with chronic or acute pain, and those who perform physically at an elite level, such as musicians and athletes. The lessons are usually between 30 and 60 minutes long.