Reasons to Move – Zumba Classes!

First in an Occasional Series

Human beings gotta move. Despite creeping sedentariness, as long as we are alive, movement is involved. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people involved in all sorts of exercise and movement; people who are committed to making movement a part of everyone’s life. I’ll be profiling some of these people in this occasional series.

I’ve been much more adventurous since becoming involved in Feldenkrais, especially when it comes to movement. I’m more confident that I know how to avoid injury and less concerned about whether I can learn a new skill. Probably part of it is just part of the maturing process, too; who cares if you think I look silly?

After I moved to Valley Center, having lost most of my usual movement outlets, I looked for what was close, inexpensive, and flexible. Voila – Zumba Classes at Raga’s Fitness on Lilac Road. Raga’s had opened recently, has lots of class times, and the drop-in fee is $5. Despite the fact that I am not a dancer and have never been a dancer, it was off to Raga’s.


Zumba Teacher Rosa Saravia

My first class with Zumba teacher Rosa Saravia was a delight. The workout is fast paced and very aerobic, the music is fun, and the variety of dance moves is seemingly endless. And watch out: when Rosa takes the stage  she transforms from just a regular gal into a total rock star. She dances and encourages in a positive, motivating way.

I sat down today with Rosa, to talk with her about teaching Zumba. Two years ago, Rosa told me, she was overweight, had high cholesterol, and was diabetic. Her doctor told her something had to change. Rosa was worried, as her mother had died only three years before, after a horrific struggle with diabetes. At 37, Rosa wanted to get back on a healthy track.

Rosa’s sister suggested she come along to a Zumba class. When Rosa started taking Zumba, she was amazed. She quickly took off 30 pounds and put on a lot of muscle. While I was talking with Rosa, one of her regulars, Maria Feria, chimed in with her story of losing 10 pounds in two months of attending Rosa’s classes. They both agreed the dancing is fun and the music helps them stay motivated.

Rosa’s motivation is more than just wanting to stay healthy. She told me she sees her classes as a way to help others stay healthy and avoid the problems that come with inactivity and obesity. With her health on a solid footing, she works hard to keep her classes fresh. Many of the people who attend her classes come every day, or even twice in one day. Rosa keeps adding new steps and new music, so people keep moving.

You can find Raga’s Fitness at 28960 Lilac Road, Valley Center, CA. Contact Rosa Saravia at 760-877-3015. Like Raga’s Fitness on Facebook.

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