What happens in an Individual Feldenkrais Session?

guild fiThis morning I found an email in my inbox asking, “What happens in an individual Feldenkrais session?”

Here’s part of what I said in response:

“Hip, neck and back issues are all common reasons that people come to Feldenkrais. Each lesson improves function, so all sorts of positive changes can happen. I’ve had clients get their eyeglass prescription lowered, discover that previously “impossible” tasks become possible, and yes, have more regular bowel function.

In an individual session, we’ll begin by talking about how you are feeling and what you are looking for. Then we’ll explore some movements together, usually focusing on a movement pattern that looks like it can easily be improved. Examples of movement patterns would be walking, reaching, getting up from a chair, or turning. The exploration will be a combination of me asking you to do something, usually repeatedly, so I can carefully observe, and me moving you, while you just notice.
Your lesson will be tailored to your specific needs. Each individual lesson is different and is constructed based on what you want and how you are that day.
Nothing in the lesson will be uncomfortable or increase any discomfort you are having. There will be no exercise or stretching. I have a low, padded table and lots of props that I use and we will pick a position or a series of positions that are comfortable for you. Part of the work is to notice when you are comfortable.
All this said, it’s pretty hard to describe the experience in words. People enjoy the sessions and are almost always surprised how good they feel after their session. Most people aren’t used to feeling a big improvement from subtle movements and variations of movements.”
What happens to you when you have an individual Feldenkrais session, if you’ve had them? Or what questions to you have that I didn’t answer?
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