Healthy Spine

Perhaps you think of flexibility as something that happens when you stretch your hamstrings. Instead, let’s consider better organization and function in your spine, hips, and ribs. The goal is…

Edges of the Feet – Standing and Lying

When was the last time you checked in on the function of your toes, feet, ankles, and hips? Come explore the foundation of comfortable standing and walking with fun and…

Variations on a Frog Movement

Try this lesson for a re-organization of your hip girdle and back. Using lots of unusual variations super-charges the potential of your nervous system – and improved ways of doing…

Straightening Your Leg

I know you already know how to straighten your leg. But what would improve if you did it the Feldenkrais way – in an unusual position, with attention, and with…

Bending the Feet and the Toes

So many joints and ways to move from the ankles down! You may find your feet feel much more intelligent and able after applying the attention required in this lesson.

Hand to Heel

How many ways does your spine turn? This lesson guides you through a gentle exploration of some of the less common ways you can move. As always, the uncommon movements…

Spine Between the Shoulder Blades

Which part of your spine is clearest to you? Because every bone of the spine is connected to every other bone, it’s easy to see how improvement anywhere can spread….

Opposition on the Side

Time to play with the possibilities of your spine and shoulders. Do you know which parts of your spine turn easily? Could your shoulder that usually hangs back be comfortable…

Lifting the Pelvis

This lesson explores lifting the pelvis off the ground while lying on your back. Some find this movement too strenuous, but many are surprised at how easy it can be….

Activating the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor – mysterious, unmentioned, and unexplored. And yet, the pelvic floor is fundamental to so many important functions. This lesson is a great introduction to pelvic floor function….